Research and Analysis


  • Lumina Issue Paper

    High Impact Practices and Gains in Student Learning – Lumina Issue Paper

    February 2021

    By: Jessa Valentine, Ph.D., Derek Price, Ph.D., and Haisheng Yang, M.A.

  • Kresge Higher Education

    Overcoming Transportation Barriers to Improve Postsecondary Student Success

    March 2018

    By: Derek Price and Drew Curtis

  • Hossler-Price_MarApr2014

    Setting Institutional Student-Aid
    Policies: New Metrics for Governing Boards

    By: Don Hossler and Derek Price

  • Working_Adults_and_Higher_Ed_FINAL_OCT_2008

    Federal Access Policies and Higher Education for Working Adults

    By: Derek Price and Angela Bell

  • WPFP_policy_brief_fall07

    The Working Poor Families Project: Strengthening State Financial Aid Policies for Low-Income Working Adults

    By: Derek Price and Brandon Roberts

  • Report_Promise_Lost_College-Qualified_Students_Who_Don_t_Enroll_in_College

    Promise Lost: College-Qualified Students Who Don’t Enroll in College

    By: Ryan Hahn and Derek Price

  • Institutional_Grants_and_Degree_Attainment_FINAL

    Institutional Grants and Baccalaureate Degree Attainment

    By: Derek Price and Ryan Davis

  • MDRC_LC_Paper_Jan_2006

    Learning Communities and Student Success in Postsecondary Education

    By: Derek Price