Implementation and Scale


  •  Creating Seamless Pathways for Military Service Members: A Scaling Guide

    Creating Seamless Pathways for Military Service Members: A Scaling Guide

    April 2022

    By: Sarah Deal, Ph.D and Derek Price, Ph.D

  •  R.I.S.E.-Up

    R.I.S.E. Up Program
    Mercy Health Career Development Center Final Evaluation Report

    August 30, 2021

    By: Drew Curtis and Jessa Lewis Valentine

  • beyond-food-pantry

    Beyond The Food Pantry:
    One-Stop Center Models: A Guide to Centralizing Students’ Basic Needs Supports

    May 2021

    By: Derek Price and Paula Umaña

  • nrc-resiliency-brief

    Student Perspectives on the Value of Success Coaching

    May 2020

    By: Drew Curtis and Jessa Valentine

  • nrc-resiliency-brief

    Working Students Success Network Final Implementation Report

    By: Derek V. Price, Brandon Roberts, Sara Kraemer and Priyadarshini Chaplot

  • nrc-resiliency-brief

    Engaging Employers in a Cross-Sector Postsecondary Attainment Agenda

    Lessons from Lumina Foundation’s Community Partnership for Attainment Initiative

  • Catalyst-Fund-Evaluation-Report-FINAL

    Advancing Careers and Training (ACT) For Healthcare Through Student Support Services

    By: Jessa Lewis Valentine, Derek V. Price, Brandon Roberts, Raymond McGhee and Robert Roach

  • nrc-resiliency-brief

    Supporting Resilience: Building Resilient Communities through Enhanced Student Supports

    By: Leah Childress, Derek Price, Robert Roach and Wendy Sedlak

  • Catalyst-Fund-Evaluation-Report-FINAL

    Case-Informed Lessons for Scaling Innovation at Community and Technical Colleges

    By: Derek Price , Jennifer McMaken and Georgia Kioukis

  • SG_Strengthening-State-Systems-Report-final

    Strengthening State Systems for Adult Learners: An Evaluation of The First Five Years of Shifting Gears

    By: Brandon Roberts and Derek Price

  • BACC-Final-Report-FINAL

    Public Benefits and Community Colleges – Final Evaluation Report

    Lessons from the Benefits Access For College Completion Evaluation