Research and Analysis

Understanding key education and training issues, particularly around student financial aid, can inform policy solutions. At DVP-PRAXIS, our research services include the design and administration of online and CATI surveys, conducting focus groups and structured interviews of key stakeholders and program participants, and corresponding data analysis. WE are known nationally for our work on student debt burden, college financial aid, and institutional policies and practices that contribute to student success..SEE OUR RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS WORK

Outcomes and Impact

Rigorous evidence on effective practices can guide stakeholders and improve decision-making. We pay close attention to the development and enactment of federal and state policies that address college access, student success, and more broadly, social inequality issues. We are especially concerned about equity gaps that face students from low-income families and who are the first in their family to attend college.. CHECK OUT OUR OUTCOMES AND IMPACT EXAMPLES

Implementation and Scale

Knowing how to implement effective practices creates opportunity for scale and sustainability. At DVP-PRAXIS, we believe that effective evaluation begins before a project is launched. We collaborate with our clients up-front to identify the key questions to ask about program effectiveness and to design appropriate evaluation plans. We believe the best evaluation designs include both qualitative and quantitative approaches for data collection, and are also experienced using experimental methodology in educational settings..SEE OUR WORK ON IMPLEMENTATION AND SCALE